As a shorthand teacher I tutor journalists and office workers, in my home or at business premises, who are beginners in Teeline shorthand or students who wish to improve their shorthand speeds or refresh their theory.

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  • "Strangely, shorthand is more necessary than ever, if you have a shorthand note you can find the quote very quickly. You go in with a tape recorder, or a digital recorder, and if you've spent an hour in there with your recorder you've got an hour of tape to go through, that takes quite a long time. I think it demonstrates a real dedication to the craft, and it means in a day when so many people are jumping up blogging, calling themselves journalists you go and take the trouble to learn shorthand, and it suggests you're serious about things."

    Kim Fletcher, chairman @NCTJ_news
    • Practice, practice, practice

      However, to get any speed in Teeline shorthand Ive found that practising the word groupings and blends are the best way to achieve this. Although my speed was getting much better every day, I’d left it too late to reach the required 100 wpm. ... Teeline is a good system but you really do have to practice consistently.

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      Try speed predictions at teelinespeeddictations.com

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